Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Jack Black …. Nacho
Ana de la Reguera …. Sister Encarnación
Héctor Jiménez …. EsqueletoDarius Rose ….
ChanchoMoises Arias …. Juan PabloEduardo Gómez ….
ChuyCarlos Maycotte …. Segundo Nuñez
Richard Montoya …. GuillermoCesar
Gonzalez …. Ramses
Rafael Montalvo …. Elderly Monk
Julio Sandoval …. Snaggle Tooth
MonkEnrique Muñoz …. Señor Ramon
Carla Jimenez …. Candidia
if you like weirdly sweet Mexican wrestling comedies this is the film for you,
Since the mid 90’s it feels like film makers have lost their grip on truly great weird comedy. Movies that speak to the few and turn off the rest. After the typical comedy movies, like American Pie, Scary Movies, National Lampoon, etc. When it seems like all hope is lost, a film like NACHO LIBRE comes along.
Somewhere in Mexico, a young priest named Nacho (Jack Black) longs to be recognized. He’s tired of serving the same bland food to the young boys in his charge. He’s tired of being disrespected by the other priests. He longs to be a luchadore (a Mexican wrestler), and to gain the affections of the stunning Sister Encarnación (Ana del la Regura). Then when all hope is lost he teams up with a new friend named Esquelta, and takes the Mexican wrestling world by storm. Will the orphan boys get better food? Will Nacho win the heart of Sister Encarnación? Will he lose everything he has, on a quest to become a great warrior? Giving this movie its due will provide those answers and more. The movie not perfect. It’s a little overlong and some of the jokes fall flat on their face. But there is an earnestness and a sweet gentility in the film that will win you over. You cannot enter this movie with the wrong attitude and if you don’t like weird movie its not for you. But if you let it entertain you and if you give into the fact that it really bizarre, it will work. You have to take every scene with grain of salt and logic must be thrown out the window.