Thursday, February 01, 2007

Marie Antoinette

This movie, directed by Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicide,Lost in Translation), based on Antonia Fraser's book about the life of Archduchess of Austria and later Queen of France.Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Rip Torn, Judy Davis, Asia Argento.

First think that will make you love this movie,is the soundtrack with a garage sound like the radio-dept, gang of four, aphex twin, air, the cure, new order, the strokes, phoenix. The ubiquitous Strokes cut "What Ever Happened" is an apt lead for a film about tragic excess, but it's the rest of Brian Reitzell's soundtrack that's truly clever. Bands like Windsor for the Derby chart a wistful postdecadence ideally shaped for the movie's bright bonfire of vanities. Of course it's mixed with gregorian music cause it's a historical movie set in about 18th century.

This is about young queen, isolated teenager in extraordinary circumstances. Beneath the cakes, shoes, jewelery, powder and parties lies a deeply lonely girl with a background song I want Candies (dance music), and cinematography were beautiful too, it's like you see Vogue magazine, in the movie version, it's a real Sofia Coppola movie. Damn good!!

It is precisely Antoinette's ill-fated attempt at fitting into French court society that causes her escape into a world of idle futility and libertinage.

Dunst brings life and depth to the film. The deeply felt loneliness of the teenaged queen. and Jason Schwartzman (Coppola’s cousin) as King Louis XVI, seem too quiet, with less dialogue. Local actress Rose Byrne is infectiously naughty as the Duchesse de Polignac.

Marie Antoinette come from Austrian Kingdom, who arrives at the royal court in Versailles to find a world of circumscribed behaviour in which scandal and gossip are the currency.she have to married with Louis XVI while she were 15 years old, then all of the boringness and aristocratic etiquette, with a bunch of servant who's ready to served her form awake till sleep time. Loveless marriage, with Louis XVI, quiet young prince, he never touch her in bed, after few years, Marie still doesn't have a child, she drown into the big depression, her position as a Austrian Lady became so unstable if she still not pregnant. But soon after that, Louis father was dead, and he became a king, and marie got a new position as a princess.

After about 7 years, she had a child, but her glamorous life became her habbit, cause king Louis is too busy as a King of France Monarchy.

She love to gambling,nightclub,party,jewelery,cloth,shoes (about 60 pair of shoes was made by manolo blahnik),eat nice decorated cookies,champaigne,opera, then while France was on the war against English, she still waste Kingdom money, people are starving, and Marie Antoinette has a new nick name "Miss Defisit". She doesn't realize about her position was near the end. With a two beautiful child, as young prince, she lived the mansion, with garden designing like a farmer, she life her loneliness with her friend, and she had a boy friend too, her wild and free life was captured on the screen, by Sofia Coppola (with her father as a co producer too) , in a poetic picture, with less conversation.

The real Marie Antoinette lived from the time of her marriage in 1770 until the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789.

This movie hit the American box office, Nominated for the Academy Award for Costume Design (Milena Canonero),at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Marie-Antoinette was entry for Official Selection of Golden Palm and won the Cinema Prize of the French National Education System.