Friday, April 06, 2007

Berbagi Suami (Indonesia)

This Indonesian movie has win 9 award on 2006 Indonesian Film Festival, but on the other time, all of the winner, had send all the trophy back as they protest for the best movie this year Ekskul, which is really seriously bad, holywood plagiator with plagiat soundtrack too.

Back to the review of cerita Berbagi Suami (Indonesia) which mean is polygami. this movie concept,like babel, 3 different people, with the same problem, different background, had the same time, when tsunami disaster Aceh. The script is ensemble film which is all the story moving together forward(1 time-frame tru linear-storytelling) played one by one, but had a red line, and become one big issue, polygami.

Salma (Jajang C noer/legend actress), is a successfull docter, with pak haji, his husband, who's had other young wife but salma is near perfect, she can face the problem, as long he still married her, and he had to wash in the bathroom, everytime he came back from his young lady.
but their son, growing older, and he doesn't get along with his father.Once time the father (El Manik/ legend actress) had heart attached. when they gone to the hospital, they found that his father had other wife, youung woman, with a baby, and had about the same age, with Salma's son, some comedy on this scene..after that time, all of his wife has to carry along together, until pak haji is dead.

Siti (SAnty, famous indonesian singer) is the village girl, wich bring by his husband, who already have 2 wife, with a lot of child, his husband only a film crew. After Siti marriage, she was introduce to love her friend, she fall in love with the other wife. The story ended with siti run away from her husband with the other wife, cause of love and his husaband bring the other girl from aceh, when he is on duty to filming tsunami.

Ming (Dominique, a young model)is a beautiful chinese girl, she is the secret lover of his boss, owner of the famous chinese restaurant, she just want his money, to reach her dream to live at the nice apartment, and to be rich. Her dream come true, when his boss wife going on vacation to america, they moved to a good apartment, after a week of glaomorous, she realize that this marriage had become a gossip in her neighborhood,this story had a red thin line like the story of tsunami in aceh, and when salma buy their favourite food on the Ming chinese restaurant, and when Ming had to move up again after the real wife of her boss, crash her apartment, she meet siti on the way, and she give the teddy bear to siti child.

Berbagi Suami was produced by Kalyana Shira Film colaborated with Franch movie production WallWorks. Ipung Rachmat Syaiful as director of photography, Yoga K. Koesprapto as editor, Wencislaus as art director and Claude Kunetz as co-producer from WallWorks Perancis.

You can hear a nice soundtrack from Aksara Records with indie band like Sore and White Shoes and The Couples Company for the scoring of this movie.

This Film had achieve the Golden Orchid Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

For people who don't understand about polygami in indonesian culture, you must seen this movie, totally entertaining, dark comedy.