Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Bruce Willis, strike back again!, he had a die hard syndrome, and come without any hair :D, this movie, had a great new action!!, hacker era against the state,and of course unbelieveble scene, un explainable human body, cause they hard to die,and some yamakashi action,.There are times when you think he really will - expire, that is, at the climax of an almighty shoot-out, with an unsightly penile engorgement like the victim of some auto-erotic strangulation fetish. The granddaddy, perhaps the great-granddaddy, of the Number One cut is back. Before Phil Mitchell, before Nick Hornby, there was Bruce Willis. As Detective John McClane, he first did a complete forward-roll-plus-handgun-aim onto our screens in 1988 in the action classic Die Hard, taking on "terrorists", which in those innocent days meant our very own Alan Rickman with a comedy German accent. Now, paradoxically, as so often in the post 9/11 era, the "terrorist" is a cautiously chosen apolitical American, no other nationality being deemed worthy of the contest.
At the start of the film, a terrorist begins as an attempted security breach on an FBI facility system is successful, and computer hackers are assassinated by the terrorist mastermind Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) instead of being paid for their collaboration. The FBI, unaware of the killings, dispatches NYPD Police Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) to visit a known hacker, Matthew Farrell (Justin Long), as part of their investigation regarding the breach. Gabriel's henchmen attempt to assassinate McClane and Farrell, but their targets escape. McClane transports Farrell to the FBI's Washington DC headquarters and its head, Assistant Director Bowman (Cliff Curtis), in the midst of a shutdown of the traffic system in DC. The stock market is manipulated shortly afterward, causing it to crash.

McClane is ordered to take Farrell into protective custody, and Gabriel sends more henchmen to kill the pair. McClane and Farrell evade their assassins again, and as the country's infrastructure is threatened with a major break down, Farrell tells McClane the terrorists are initiating a fire sale and that major utilities would be next. The detective and the hacker travel to a power hub in West Virginia to defend it, finding that the terrorists are already there.

Prodding McClane's wound with a gun, Gabriel taunts "on your tombstone will read, always in the wrong place at the wrong time". McClane then delivers the classic catchphrase, "how about, Yippee-Ki-Yay, motherfucker?", and squeezes the trigger, firing a bullet through his shoulder and into Gabriel's heart, killing Gabriel instantly. Farrell jumps up and shoots the thug holding Lucy just as backup arrives along with paramedics who tend to their wounds.

You will see, the truck against airborne F-35 fighting on the road , car bumping, buliding jumper, beautiful kick ass kungfu girl, Maggie Q as Mai Linh.

Sometimes the action mayhem entirely detached from narrative logic. At one stage, Bruce attacks Olyphant's icy lieutenant Mai Lihn (Maggie Q) by driving a car into the office where she has Matt at gunpoint, and bulldozing her into ... an empty liftshaft. At the wheel, McClane is elsewhere threatened by a low-flying helicopter. So what does he do? He judges the trajectory of a certain off-ramp, drives straight for it, and at the last moment jumps out of his vehicle, which is flung upwards and turns the helicopter into a fireball.

That postmodern "4.0" alerts us to the fact that McClane is taking on some new-style terrorists.Or something. McClane is going to stop this hi-tech bad guy with nothing but a beat-up automobile, a couple of guns. Timothy Olyphant plays a sinister ultra-hacker who wants to bring all US computer systems to age of stone and take everyone's money out of their bank account with some portable harddisk drive, whoaa..., and some weird thing, the hacker,themselves, always use XDA,WDB laptop, samsung mobile, etc maybe it's some good advertising.

Live Free or Die Hard made $9.1 million in its first day of release, the best opening day take of any film in the Die Hard franchise (not taking inflation into account). On its opening weekend Live Free or Die Hard made $33.4 million ($48 million counting Wednesday and Thursday). As of July 25, 2007, Live Free or Die Hard has made $125.4 million domestically, and $159 millon overseas, a total of $284.4 million. It is currently the second most successful film of the series behind Die Hard with a Vengeance ($361,212,499)