Saturday, December 23, 2006

black dahlia

Directed by Brian De Palma
Written by Novel James Ellroy

After a long time we didn't hear Brian De Palma, as a director,(Scarface and the author of LA Confidential), now he came again with a thriller movie, that based on a real story of a legendary murder of black dahlia,she's bdy was cutted into 2 part,like one of holywood actress that tragically death, like murder of sharon tate (around 1960), but the story was happened at near 1947, when holywood was so glamorous, with the dark side that we never heard about it.

Two ambitious cops, Lee Blanchard (Aaron Eckhart) and Bucky Bleichert (Josh Hartnett), investigate the shocking murder of an aspiring young starlet. With a corpse so mutilated that photos are kept from the public, the case becomes an obsession for the men, and their lives begin to unravel. Blanchard's relationship with his girlfriend Kay (Scarlett Johansson) deteriorates, while Bleichert finds himself drawn to the enigmatic Madeleine (Hilary Swank), a wealthy woman with a dark and twisted connection to the victim.

The romance between Bleichert and Kay Lake is dramatically streamlined in the film; in the novel, they are married and eventually separated during the time that the case comes to a resolution.

In the novel, Bleichert succumbs more explicitly to the obsession with the Dahlia that Lee exhibited; this is understated in the film, though still suggested in several scenes. One notable difference along these lines is that at one point in the novel Bleichert hires a prostitute and has her dress up as the Black Dahlia; this scene is absent from the film.

The subplot involving Fritz Vogel (who appears as a bit character in the film) and his son Johnny Vogel (who is absent from the film) is entirely excised. The corresponding subplot involving the false confessors and Bleichert's brief suspicion of Johnny Vogel as the Dahlia killer is accordingly missing as well.

Due in part to the removal of the Vogel subplot, Bleichert's relationship with police captain Russ Millard is diminished in the film. In the novel, Millard assists Bucky during the resolution of the case toward the end; in the film, Millard never appears during this time.

In the novel, Lee's confrontation with Bobby DeWitt occurs in Mexico, not in Los Angeles as it does in the film, and the culmination of the conflict is discovered later by Bleichert when he tracks Lee's movements to Mexico and investigates his whereabouts. In the film, Bleichert is present for this incident and it occurs in Los Angeles: attacked by Madeleine, Lee and Georgie Tilden (who wanted to kill Lee) fall over the railing and die.

Inspired by the Most Notorious Unsolved Murder in California History.