Saturday, December 16, 2006

Charlie Kaufman

Filmography as: Writer, Producer, Director, Soundtrack, SelfWriter - filmography
1. Synecdoche, New York (2007) (announced) (screenplay)
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) (screenplay) (story)
3. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) (screenplay)
... aka Confessions d'un homme dangereux (Canada: French title)
4. Adaptation. (2002) (screenplay)
5. Human Nature (2001) (written by)
... aka Human Nature (France) (USA)
6. Being John Malkovich (1999) (written by)
7. Scanner Darkly , & Etc.

Charlie is a genius briliant writer both director.He's confesses he’s a shy, reserved guy: "I don't like talking about myself." To think he’s as off-the-wall as his screenplays would be off-the-mark. The Long Island native longs for quiet time, which he finds writing his strange, darkly comedic tales.Kaufman never hid his taste for comedy — "I always loved the Marx Brothers, Woody Allen, and, when I was older, Lenny Bruce." Charlie himself was a talented comedic actor who performed in numerous school and community plays including "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." His big acting break came senior year when he landed the lead role in his high school’s production of “Play It Again, Sam,” the Woody Allen play that first appeared on Broadway in 1969. (Charlie wrote an account of the experience for his high school yearbook.) Kaufman also acted in “On A Clear Day” his first year and “Up the Down Staircase” his second year, and was briefly involved with an improv group called Upscene, in which Charlie was a standout performer.

He went on to write some 30 episodes of TV shows ranging from the ensemble sketch comedy The Edge (Fox, 1992-93) to more conventional sitcoms like Fox's Ned and Stacey during its second season (1996-97), as well as The Dana Carvey Show, and The Trouble With Larry (1993) - a short-lived comedy starring Bronson Pinchot and Courteney Cox. The IMDB reports he served as producer on Misery Loves Company (1995).

I was started to love Charlie Kaufman movie from Being John Malkovich" film, with John Malkovich as himself. File clerk discovers portal that takes you literally inside John Malkovich's head for fifteen minutes.And the clerk rental the portal to everyone who has fantasy to being john malkovich. this weird movie, with weird casting, like office interior with only about 1 meter high, and alternate ended, that you never seen before on other movie.
Adaption (2002)is best hit movie which directed by himself with the story about himself and his brother Donald Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is given the assignment of adapting for the big-screen Susan Orlean's book The Orchid Thief,Meanwhile Charlie's brother Donald, also a screenwriter, is writing cliche Hollywood thrillers,Nicolas Cage will be playing both Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman. (Donald doesn't exist in real-life, just in the movie.) In real life, the real Charlie Kaufman really was asked to write an adaptation of The Orchid Thief, and the above stuff is what he came up with - he wrote about himself writing the movie.(what a briliant movie !)This film winning a lot of Award.
And i found the fact that the story was related with Being john Malkovich movie, and one other movie, that i forget the title is. :D, so it's more like Godfather story and maybe its inspired by tv series, that he wrote on his first debut as a director.
Almost all of the story on his movie, is like a dream, surreal dream (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind),it his style, art of directing.
Now, i become fans of Charlie Kaufman, movies. If this article make you curious to see, just try it, and go to near video rental on your neigborhood.
Have a nice dream, i mean charlie Kaufman dream. :D