Tuesday, December 12, 2006


this is another jackie chan movie, that location in hongkong. this movie, is a strike back of another action movie after Jackie, play on the serious movie, like the myth, and this is realy jackie chan movie!!, but this movie, will touching u'r heart, not only funny action, it's a romantic movie too, with nice and smooth scenario, just like one stop shopping for every jackie chan movie fans. u must see this movie!!

Jackie plays a compulsive gambler and a professional thief at night, Jackie and his accomplices, played by Louis Koo a flamboyant playboy, and Michael Hui as a evil uncle, are tasked by the triad to kidnap the grandson of a tycoon. But things turned a bit out of hand when the baby gets way too irresistibly cute for the them to part.
The fight scenes are amazingly funny and the car-chase sequence in it is regrettably lackluster for a Jackie’s headed movie. the funny scene when Jackie and his old time buddy, Yuen Biao who cameo as a goofy inspector and a group of baddies battling over the baby in an apartment. Truly child’s play, ironic thief.

The cute antics of Baby Matthew make it hard for the audience not to lap it up.that baby is role player in this movie, we can watch some comical scene with that baby, some like when he eat the jackie nipple while he covered the baby from a lunatic aunty that so passionate to baby, about 10 minutes, romantic comedy when the camera show how hard the thief duo like them, to watch over the cute baby, that they never had or even imagine, may it look standard like the first baby movie comedy Three Man and a Baby, and another typical movie like that.

Nothing fascinating but it's a bit disappointing for the lack of intros to the action sequences. However, when they realize that the triad is after both the ransom and the baby's life, they decide to make their hostage their protegee instead. Cornered by cops and threatened by ferocious gangsters, the trio embarks on a hair-raising yet funny escapade to put Baby safely back in his cradle.