Sunday, December 31, 2006

list of the best movies in 2006

2007 has come, everything become new, altough that was just another day for me, hope there's so much good movies, to review, and more visitor too :D,
this is list of the best movie in 2006 (it's just my opinion) :
1. Superman
2. Babel
3. The SAw
4. Constant Gardener
5. James Bond : Casino Royale
6. Rob Zombie movies
7. The Road to guantanamo
8. The tiger and the snow
9. Apocalyto (mel gibson movie)
10. Walk the line

Other best movie will come,soon

I will review only good movie.

Happy new year 2007

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cselvalva said...

Bagus punya daftar film bagus tiap tahun. Sy mah filmnya itu-itu aja bertahun-tahun hehe...Thks udah mampir, ntar dilink