Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Directed by Mel Gibson
Starring Rudy Youngblood
Raoul Trujillo
Mayra Sérbulo
Mauricio Amuy Tenorio
Dalia Hernández
Music by James Horner
Cinematography Dean Semler
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures (USA)
Icon Entertainment (non-USA)
Budget $40 million

Apocalypto, other masterpiece movie from Mel Gibson (The Passion of The Christ,Braveheart), this movie use indian language, the Yukatek Maya language(like The Passion of The Christ, with Hebrew language),with the native indian people as a starring. Apocalypto take us into the Ages of Maya, look like real life of indian at that time, no clothes, , the hunting life, peacefull people, it's so natural ancient life, until while hunting tapir,Jaguar Paw and they tribesman, meet the traumatic refugees, they land have been ravaged, his father Flint sky said don't u ever scared, be brave,don't let u'r fearness appear in front of your family and the tribes.
On the next morning, they vilagge, was attack by strangers tribe,with higher technology, jaguar paw, try to hide his pregnant wife Seven,and his son Turtle Run in the well cave, now they are become the prisoner, after the long journey they came to the city, modern city of maya tribe.they gonna be sacrifice to the God of Maya (sun god Kukulkan), and other become a slave to build a temple from a stone.The action movie, was began at this scene, jaguar paw, was run away, and being hunted by mayan army.
Robert Carmack, an anthropology professor from SUNY Albany's renowned Mesoamerican program said this is a big mistake almost tragedy caused by The Maya city inaccurately combines details from different Maya and Mesoamerican cultures widely separated by time and place.A lot of people will think this is how it was, unfortunately.

However this movie, has a strong picture, with a detail of the indian culture, the hunting of Jaguar Pow into the jungle,by Mayan Army, was spectaculer, bloody, heart pumping, with the animal like jaguar, and snake, it's look so real. U must see this action movie, not historical movie, i mean.